The Ackaru vahn Suloqa


The F@nService Diner





Tevera Suloca: The Minkan


 Tevera Suloqa is a 19 year old, second generation minkan immigrant. Her parents own The Ackaru vahn Suloqa, the decommissioned minkan warship that houses the F@nService diner. It is here that she works as a waitress alongside her best friend Astrid Terranova.

Physically, Tevera is pretty typical for a female minkan. She is six foot seven inches tall and has the proportional strength of seven average Solari human men. As if that wasn’t enough, minkan skin and fat cells work in conjunction to form a layer of bio-reactive armor that protects her from just about anything short of a 50 caliber or plasma blast.

But wait, there’s more. Like all minkans Tevy has near perfect memory which makes her appear smarter than she actually is. To avoid being put in positions of responsibility Tevy compensates by actively feigning a clueless disposition in order to give others low expectations of her. She's also kind of lazy.

Tevera's parents expected her to join the Minkan Rangers after high school. It's just what young minkan ladies do. Tevy liked the idea of traveling the fringes of the galaxy fighting space pirates and star sirens but she really didn't want to spend the next four years following someone else's orders. So ironically, she still waits at her parents diner, following her mother's orders and postponing her next step in life.


Weapons of choice:

  1. High Charisma: Between her charmingly bubbly personality and an hourglass figure that’s quite impressive, even by minkan standards, Tevera usually gets her way. This is especially true around people who don’t yet know not to put up with her crap.

  2. Four 10 millimeter pistols she affectionately refers to as “The Quad”. They were her high school graduation presents. Her mother had been trying to push Tevy into joining the Minkan Rangers just like she did at her age. She’s had plenty of practice with them but up until the fateful events of Project Skeleton Key she had never fired them in anger.

Alignment: Chaotic Fun



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